Where Is It Now?

OK, it’s been two years in the making (actually it’s been thirty years in the making) but I finished it last month.  It’s about 55,0000 works (Some of them good).

It’s called A GUIDEBOOK FOR MARKETING ANALYSTS, A Conceptual Overview of Real Marketing Science.  Isn’t that a great title?  Yeah, I did not think so either but it may change.  The idea is to have a guidebook, NOT a textbook, for marketing analysts.  Pretty much the subject of this blog.  Same idea, same style, etc.

I have bookcases full of textbooks on marketing science, econometrics, marketing research, statistics, multivariate analysis, etc.  I use them sometimes (if the leg on my desk has become wobbly, pages from those books  will help prop it up).  I’m kidding of course.  They have their place.

But it is my experience that marketing analysts (or students about to become marketing analysts) appreciate a conceptual, guided overview of how to apply analytics to solve a marketing problem, without all the mathematic clutter of most academic tomes.  That’s the purpose of A GUIDEBOOK FOR MARKETING ANALYSTS.

It’s making the rounds in New York now.  I’ll keep you informed.


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